All the people who work for one stop have NO CLue of what is going on in there, They dont pay there vendors on time and they have nerve to be rude about . WE have been trying to receive payments for over 4 months and no one can tell us anything.

Everytime you try to call no answer or they send you to a fake managers vm and never get through no one ever calls back and every time you speak with one person then call back that person doesnt work there anymore. This company fails big time when is comes to paying out and customer service. They say they will pay on this date and the check never comes. We dont want anymore work from this company AT ALL.

One STOP SUCKS ***.... They will never be a succesful business with this kind of customer service.

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New York, New York, United States #635088

The way they do business is a disgrace! We are a vendor and have been trying to get payment for over four months now!

Their phones just keep ringing or they hang up on you when you tell them what your calling for.

We will never do business with them again and we will be taking them to court!! awful!


Companies, it is sad but they do not have the ability to do good business due to the leadership of this company. Payments are an issue but as I have come to understand they treat their employees badly.

They ask them to work extreem hours with little compensation and abuse. They can not stay for their own good. They can not pay companies as they do not have the money to. They also do not have office locations around the world.

I have heard that they do not have offices other than in the US and at one point an office in Hong Kong and one in China that closed. They do not have an office in Europe and they do little to no work in Canada.

Sadly this company is not based on truth. It is best not to work with them as you will not likely be paid and they will treat you badly.


Just a warning to anyone who gets a call from 1stop. We were once a vendor for this company.

They wanted us to clean the Express Stores for them and we stupidly did. It took months and months for us to get paid; and only got a partial payment. The only reason why they paid us was because they could not find new naive vendors to service the stores. Also if you notice, they cannot keep employees either because they get so stressed out for not being able to find new vendors to service these stores and because they get cussed out for recalling people that they have screwed.They still owe us money and I know we will never see the money again..

If your willing to do charity work for 1stop then feel free to clean for this company. I'm surprised that they are still in business..

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